My daughter, the cake maker


We home school our children.  They are members in a home school coop, who had their “year end” theatre and dinner this evening at St. Francis of Assisi Parish in Cornwall.  As part of the MANY contributions made by numerous families for this evening’s celebration, Mary Theresa (My daughter) made this completly edible Rosary Cake.  I think she is inspired with the reality show, Cake Boss.  Regardless, the cake was beautiful, spiritual and yummy (yes, I ate a hail mary bead).

Other than this small departure, I had a clean eating day…lot’s of water, and a possibly the best salad on PEI, the Papa Joe’s (family restaurant on University Ave) Cranberry Goat Cheese salad with Chicken Breast.  I plan on eating several salads over the next few weeks and rating them…I’ll crown the best salad on PEI sometime in June. Stay tuned.

As for Brady’s sily notion that the Grant’s could outdo the Pitre’s in a family to family soccess match, I guess he’ll have a lot of “figuring and explaining’ to do to his heartbroken children when the Pitre’s CRUSH their dreams on the soccer field….GAME ON!

One day at a time.


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