Soccer with Dad

IMG00640-20130526-1628Weekends are tough for me.  I find myself looking for “comfort” food, and getting irritated with myself after I “Cheat”.  Regardless, the weekend did have some success.  This afternoon, I joined my kiddos (as you see it in the photos) at a game of soccer in the front yard. I think my kids were impressed at my agility/speed….but trust me, it was short lived…no endurance whatsoever. Regardless, Joe and I were brave, but we lost the match 2-3 against Dave, MT and Hannah.

This evening My daughter Mary Theresa performed on the piano at her Piano teacher’s student recital (Jaqueline Sorensen at the Dr. Steele Recital Hall/UPEI). Afterwards, I treated the family to treats at DQ, I tried the “light” smoothie (170 calories)…it was yummy.

As I write this entry, I snacking on some popcorn and drinking my 2nd litre of water (not nearly enough water on the weekends).  To sleep fairly soon I hope for a busy day tomorrow.

One Day at a time,


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