More Parties!!


DAY 48

I post this picture in honor of my good friend Gary that said he is tired of seeing my pictures of food online. It came as part of an excellent potluck we had this evening. Lots of great food. I made a smoked brisket but I broke the cardinal rule of good brisket and did it in the oven instead of the smoker, but I must admit, still turned out pretty good.

Today was a strange day, I had next to no energy and just felt blah all day. It could be because of the crummy weather and I hope it passes as soon as the sun decides to come out to play.

Hope to get back in the Wii tomorrow and maybe go for a bike ride. Jason proposed a soccer game of Grants vs Pitres, sounds good, but I’d hate to bring him down in weightloss and in sports. Haha!

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