DAY 46

A couple of days since my last post, but it was a busy weekend.  My boys had their year end review for cadets.  They were all spotless and clean, shiny shoes, haircuts.  In real tiptop shape.  It was great to finally see them “perform” a full parade and see their inspection.  I am so proud of how dedicated they both are and what gentlemen they are becoming.

Why am I telling you this?  This weekend was full of potlucks and get togethers.  A lot of tempting treats and goodies.  At the cadets event there were tables full of yummy sandwiches and baked goods.  I had a few sandwiches (all the ones with just mustard, no mayo!) and steered clear of the sweets (that is, until my wee son Leo couldn’t finish his cupcake..mmmm)

Last night my boys finished a program called “Theology of the Body for Middle School Students) My Bride and her bestie put the program on and did a fantastic job.  We gave our boys some chastity rings and had a great chat about the sanctity of the human body, and the scarifices we make of our bodies for our Heavenly Father (Jodi had an awesome analogy of the sacrifices a mom makes of her body to bring new life into the world) And it made me think of how poorly I have been treating the temple that our Lord gave me.  I’m trying, Jesus, to rebuild this temple into the image You had for me.  This event also came with much glorious food.  Lots of BBQ, I had a burger, then another patty later with no bun, and some great brocoli salad.  I also had 1 brownie.  Not bad, especially if you say the spread.

I am more dedicated then ever this week to succeed.  I love this new found energy, but what is with falling asleep so early and waking up so early?  Not my cup of tea (speaking of tea, I have now added to my regime 2-3 cups of green tea a day)



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