Zoinks +2lbs

DAY 42
Another week, another weigh in. Today I saw my first weight gain since we started our new journey. I gained 2 lbs. That may not seem a lot to some, but it feels like a lot to me. In my head I know that it is because of the meds I’m on, but telling that to my heart isn’t as easy.
My buddy Jason was down 2 lbs which is awesome!!! I know that it must be a relief to him after a small weight loss last week. Way to go Jay!
Jay and I had a great chat today too, encouraging each other, sharing our struggles and weaknesses, and offering each other small tidbits of info that will help us do even better in the future. This is why we took this up together. This is why it has been such a blessing and help.
So this week I should finish up with my meds, get a tooth pulled and likely put on more meds, but I should start to notice a considerable difference in how I’m feeling and reacting. I started Wii Fit again today, bought a new seat for my bike (cozy gel seat that fits my big butt little better and should make for a more comfortable ride). I am really hoping to make up for the let down this week and have a big number for next week!

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