DAY 43
Today was a very decent day. It was my last day on meds, and although my stomach feels like it has a hole in it, I did not feel melancholic today. I had energy and even managed to go on a bike ride with my two oldest. This was inspired by Jason, and yesterday I bought a new seat for my bike so the ride was at least more comfortable. The ride was mostly uphill (it seemed like uphill both ways to be honest). I used to be quite the biker. When I was younger I preferred the BMX and was very fond of huge ramps and half pipes. When I got older I moved to a speed bike and loved biking everywhere I went. So you would think this would come naturally right? Not so much! I can’t believe how awkward it feels to be on a bike. It helps remind me how far I’ve fallen and how far I need to go. One of the things about weight gain is a loss of equilibrium. I can’t believe how bad my center of balance is.
Working out on the Wii gives me a lot of help with this because most of the exercises focus on your core, which has been greatly neglected.
Food was good today too. I tried to recreate a sandwich I had a few weeks ago with roast chicken, avocado, salsa and some cheese. It was good, but not the same.
I am praying that this busy weekend will still find me drinking lots of water and eating my small meals throughout the day.

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