Dancin’ with my sweetie, and 2 lbs lighter!

IMG00583-20130505-1227Once of the best side effects of loosing weight and feeling good is having the energy and interest in “seizing the moment”.  Biking with my kids was the theme for my last blog, but I have been enjoying some “Dance time” lately with my beautiful 5 year old daughter Hannah (captured in this photo enjoying a swing on the swings made by her grandfather, Pepe Pitre…she loves playing on the swings!). It’s a wonderful feeling as a father to swing her around the living room dancing to some music…

So today was “Weigh in day”….I’m very grateful to Brady and his brotherly support.  We enjoyed almost 30 minutes of discussion of the challenges and benefits of our healthy eating challenge.  We are both learning.  We are both failing, learning of our own limitations, and we are both succeding.  Thanks for doing this with me Brady…

This evening, my Son David and his Godfather (Stephen Gallant) went for a 5Km run…it’s great to see the family all enjoying some physical fitness.  After dinner, Stephen ran all the kiddos around the front lawn for awhile playing soccer….they all had a great run and had fun.

Jen just finished bathing the little kids, and It’s time for “dad” to fix some snacks and put the kids to bed.  The some hockey as we watch the Bruin’s crush the Rangers….go Bruins!

Oh, by the way (almost forgot)…I lost 2 lbs today, I’m down 15.5 lbs total weighing in at 297.5 lbs of love.

One day at a time.


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