Biker Dudes

IMG00610-20130519-1642It would appear I may be a biker.  Our family friend Don Chevarie gave me his old (but well maintained) bike over the weekend, and I have been biking 2x.  The first was with my active son David who took me on a “leasurely” 8km ride (first time out since a teenager)…man, I was to the point of sucking my thumb and calling “momma”!!  Tonight, my oldest and boldest daughter (Mary Theresa) invited her father for a bike ride…she seemed to gloat In her ability to keep ahead of her father, never really leaving me “Catch up”.  Regardless, I “felt the burn” and did some exercise with the kiddos….accomplishing a few goals all in one (exercise, and time with my kids).

Gonna drink a litre of water and keep out of the fridge for the night.


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One Response to Biker Dudes

  1. dave8oreos says:

    we are the biker Dudes are we ???

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