What Now??

Day 37

Sorry I missed posting yesterday, typical of a Friday it got really busy. I’ll try not to let it happen again.

Month 1 is over and although I lost 15lbs, I thought the first month would go better. My bride, Jodi, keeps reminding me that we are doing this in real life, real time. Unlike shows like the Biggest Loser, where people learn the skills they need to live a healthier lifestyle, they also have the luxury of leaving the real world for a while and submersing themselves in a ‘diet boot camp!’
I don’t have that luxury, and I’m not convinced it would be a good thing regardless.
Whatever excuses I give myself, I know I can do better. I know I can stick to a better exercise plan. I believe the Insanity program I was doing was also setting me up to fail. My body realistically isn’t ready for that vigorous a work out. I need to start off with something simpler, but the key is, to start something. Also, although I cut out fast food and coke, I’ve pretty much kept everything else in my diet, but have eaten smaller portions. I think I need to consider cutting some more of my bigger cravings out as well, like bread. I have been eating wheat and multigrained breads, but still eating too much of them. I am going to try to stick to 2 pieces a day max.
So what now I ask? A new mindset and determination. Lets see what happens next.

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4 Responses to What Now??

  1. Pam says:

    15 lbs in one month is a HUGE victory Brady! Well done! Pat yourself on the back – that’s awesome. You and Jason are such an inspiration! Really – well done! I am so inspired by you both.

    • harrymoobs says:

      Thanks Pam! Can’t wait to see you guys again!

      • Pam says:

        What is “Harrymoobs”? We’re excited to get back and get settled too! Are you guys staying in the house you are currently living in? How is your dear wife, Jodi? I think of her ALL the time knowing she’s not feeling great with this little one on the way. She is such a martyr for life. Give her a big hug for me.

      • harrymoobs says:

        Pam, my boys came up with Harry moobs, you could probably guess but it has to do with the father and his hairy chest, I’m trying to get rid of my man boobs, so they call me Harry moobs!
        Yeah, we are sticking to the house we are in until God finds us something that will work on a more permanent basis.
        Jodi is still struggling with sickness but hopes now that she is entering second trimester that it will be getting better. If you guys need help with anything in regards to the move back, let me know

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