healthy eating is contageous


It’s amazing how much I influence my children. They have my bad habits and when I do something smart (like choosing to eat healthy), they also want to eat healthy.

The photo of the day is my 3 year old son enjoying a fruit smoothie….which is my morning ritual now.  My son David this evening ran a 5K in 36 minutes, way to go David!

I had a great discussion over lunch today with an old friend and business mentor.  Derrick and I chatted about family, life and business.  He always “stretches” my mind to “think big”, and left our get together feeling like I could take on any challenge….I enjoy taking life to the fullest… but the reality is that we often limit our potential and God’s desire for our life.  This “limit” is often placed with an excuse, we often justify our “State in life” for various reasons.  I guess today was just one of those days when I realized the world’s greatest people, saints, business barons, even the Pope himself all put their pants on “one leg at a time”… and I’m hoping that in the process, my legs will be fitting into a “slimmer” pant size!

Tomorrow is “weigh in day”…hoping for some modest, but steady progress.




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One Response to healthy eating is contageous

  1. Hannah Brown says:

    It’s totally true. Kids pick up on habits — healthy and unhealthy. My mom never liked sweets or junk food much but loved spices, salty, and savory, so we never really had a pile of cookies or sweets in the house because she was the one buying the groceries and bought what she wanted to eat! Now as I buy my own groceries, I lean in the same direction! My idea of buying myself a treat is getting a bag of radishes at the grocery store. I wonder how much is genetic and how much is learned behaviour.

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