Day 34

I have a wee dilemma, I have been blest with teeth as strong as a wet noodle. Eating the simplest things can break my teeth and cause excruciating pain. A few months ago I was in Vancouver and had to visit a dentist because of severe tooth ache. Turns out I need another root canal ( I lost count of how many I’ve head). Well I was given some antibiotics and forgot about it for a while. Now the pain is back with a vengeance. I met with a dentist today and hopefully the problem will be fixed very soon.
Why am I telling you all this?
It is extremely hard to focus on anything but, “please make the pain go away!!!” I’ve been drinking my water and trying to eat enough, but I just don’t want to eat. This is having the opposite effect then you would think. I am feeling bloated, and less enthusiastic. You would think eating less than 900 calories would be a good thing, but not when I am trying to keep the furnace stoked.
Anyway, this blog entry seems more like a pity party than an encouraging note.
Can’t wait for weigh in tomorrow !!
Pax, Brady

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2 Responses to Ahhhh!

  1. Hannah Brown says:

    God bless, Brady. And get well soon! Praying for your tooth health through the intercession of Saint Apollonia!

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