Back to the Water


Day 33

As you can see from the picture, I am back to taking drinking water seriously. That large mug holds a little over 1 liter of water. When I bought the mug I was filling it with coke and could drink a few glasses full a day while traveling. Now I am have around 3 mugfulls a day! And yes, to answer your question, I do need to pee a lot.
When Jason and I started this journey I knew I had to give up the thing I love most, COKE. (Coca Cola, not the other stuff). I have tried to curb my appetite for it in the past and have lasted a little while. I have given up for lent countless times, but I was always able to have some on Sundays or other feast days. So I can honestly say that this is the longest I have ever gone without drinking a coke since I was about 12 (my parents, in their infinite wisdom, were smart enough and loved me enough not to give the stuff to me as a child, except on special occasions and Friday night, Dukes of Hazard night)
So now temptation draws its head again. It is dollar days at McD’s, where the largest of large cokes is available for $1. Ahhhh, this used to be the gold mine. Go to the movies with a huge coke for a buck instead of the $5 it cost at the theater. I’m even going to the movies this week (although Jason will be paying for my snacks 😜😝) I took my kids for a quick burger at McD’s on Sunday while there mother was away. I also got a couple of big cokes to split between them all ( I too believe in coke on special occasions only for my kids) but there was lots left over, so in my weakness I said to the kids ” watch me so that I only take one sip”. That is all I took, but it was enough for me to realize that I do have an “addiction” to coke. This hard reality has made me realize that if I try to treat myself to a coke on movie night, as a special congrats to myself for doing well, that I might just slip back into the stuff again. So, for now, until I reach my goal weight, I am going to avoid the stuff. It will be tough, but in the end, worth it.

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