Day 32

We made it home, yea!!!!

I’m really looking forward to getting back on track, especially with water and small meals. I don’t think I did bad this week, just different. I could definitely have done better.

I know after being away for a week that I need to stock up on goodies again to snack on. I also need to get back to exercise!

Proud of my brother Jason for not just giving up after a few falls. I know we have both struggled with different temptations but I am very thankful for his friendship and dedication to changing for the better, it is both rewarding and challenging.

It’s easy to look at a single week and get a little discouraged, but we have both been consistently losing, not always by a lot, but it took years to put this weight on, it’s not all coming off in a month.

Weigh in coming in a few days, looking forward to Star Trek and a treat!


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