IMG00591-20130506-1957I have been less prolific lately on “Blogland”….but here is a brief summation of what is going on.

My addiction to fast food persists, and over the past week I “cheated” twice with a late night fast food trip….the only “positive” side of this is that I see what a incredible effect this has on me.  It’s like any addiction, I feel the need to have it either because I’m feeling “low” and want a “high”…or because I’m already feeling good, and want more of that “good” feeling.    When sitting in the drive thru, I did sum up the determination to “get the burger only” and skipped the fries and pop.  This may seem a “Trivial” victory to most, but skipping the full combo is a small victory for me.

Other than those incidents, my eating has been reasonable.  I find it easier to eat well on the weekdays than the weekends (my mon-fri is more ‘Structured” and the weekends are easy for me to start “grazing” in the kitchen.

I’m having lunch with a contact I made recently that has last around 100 lbs….which is a similar 1 year goal of mine…I look forward to talking with Stu about his success/struggles with eating…and we’ll likely chat business.

I’m a very lucky man to be the father of 6 (and one on the day) kiddos…but even luckier that they have such a great mother.  Jen deserves lot’s of love and so much more time off than she ever takes….she is so many things to our children and myself, I’m so grateful to have married such an incredible woman.  Happy mother’s Day Jennifer.

Likewise, I’m grateful to have a wonderful mother who I didn’t get to see in person today.  She is most likely the most positive and compassionate person I have ever known…I’m a “momma’s boy” for sure.  My mother in law was over (nanna and ompie) for dinner this evening for a wonderful family time…It’s great to have so many great “momma’s” in my life…I love you all.

The captioned photo is of the eggs from our laying hens.  We have 14 great layers, and get at minimum a dozen big and some very large eggs daily.  This summer, a few of my boys will be growing around 150 chickens (meat birds) in our backyard. They will be ready to be slaughtered around thanksgiving (October)….if you/your family would be interested in some fresh home grown birds, most of these birds will be sold…just drop me an email : and I can pen you down for some chickens.

Gonna’ get some sleep…


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