Burger, no bun please.

IMG00608-20130513-1823Off to a good start this week.  My morning routine has been consistent, a yummy frozen fruit smoothie with Greek plain yogurt and protein powder.  During the day, I consumed about 3 litres of water.  lunch today was great with a friend, Stu.  We ate a Leonard’s, and at the Italian Salad. I highly recommend it.  The dressing was mustard based, and it had egg and Tuna…the tuna was very yummy on the salad.  The chat with Stu was great, he has had great success in loosing unwanted pounds and living a healthy lifestyle.  Thanks Stu.

In addition to a busy day at work, I got my hair cut at Ray’s place on Kent St and serviced one of our coffee Machines (we have a small family business, Joseph’s Coffee house…which is a gormet coffee vending machine).

Dinner was burgers on the BBQ.  I prepared mine with a slice of Pineapple, tomatoe, some lettuce and mustard. It was very satisfying.


ps. I forgot to give ‘honourable” mention to my daughter Mary Theresa was the creator of the last blog submission Title, “eggsellent”…..thanks MT.

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