Trip down memory lane part 2


Day 30

Sorry about the last post, those pictures should have been here.
I took the kids to the old stomping grounds today, our old house and the corner store, where their love of candy was born and cultivated. It was great to see where we once were.

It helped me reflect on where I am now and where I hope to be, even 5 months from now. I see the day is already 30, it really did go by quick. I think I’m setting a good pace, but I know that with more dedicated exercise time the results will quicken. That is one thing about traveling so much, it throws your rhythm off and makes it difficult to stick to one program

We head home tomorrow evening sometime, after spending some quality time with good friends.

Today was a fair day for eating, still only 3 meals, but nothing bad. I’ve been eyeing a box of Twinkies at the grocery store, trying to convince myself “wouldn’t it be a nice treat for the kids on the ride home” knowing full well I would eat the whole box!!

Looking forward to seeing my bride for Mothers Day tomorrow and want to wish all the Moms a happy day too


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