Low Fat, zero Calories, a BEACH DAY!

IMG00584-20130505-1745My wife let me sleep in after a late night of chauffeuring several of my kids buddies home. Up today around 9am for a fruit smoothie, shower, help a few kiddos get dressed for Church, wash some dishes then hit the road at 9:55am. Fr. Floyd challenged us today to deepen our faith life beyond the “do’s and don’ts” of morality, and to go deeper into the meaning of our call to be Like Christ.  As usual, I see the parallel in my eating patterns….if I simply followed a pattern of “don’t eat bad food, eat good food only” the process becomes boring.  I am spending some thought and prayer to delve deeper into my eating patterns so that I can really get better at this eating thing….it has become a real journey.

After mass….and with an almost failed lunch plan (oven seemed to go on the fritz), we had our old friend’s the Atwood’s over for a late lunch as they were passing thru to the ferry back to NS. After lunch,  I did up a few sinks of dishes, then packed up the kiddos to make out way to Ross Lane At Brackley Beach.  Jen picked up a fresh batch of dollar store sand toys….and I managed to save a “Beach ball” that got away in the water leaving my 5 year old Hannah in tears….I was waste deep in the fresh Atlantic Ocean by the time it was retrieved….a refreshing experience indeed.

For dinner, David (my 13 year old son) did the grilling with some Chicken on the BBQ, and I chopped up some salad.  I can’t get over how much more I am enjoying salads now with lemon juice…it’s awesome.

Kiddos are on the way to bed, going to do a bit of reading before I sleep.  Planning to get up at 6am for an early start to the new week. Haven’t figured out how to incorporate an exercise plan yet…I guess if I keep talking about it, something will eventually happen.


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