Through Mary’s Intercession!

Day 23

I spent the day at the Atlantic Marian Gathering. It was great to hear speakers like Fr. Tom Sullivan from the Fathers of Mercy, Marion Carroll from Ireland and other witnesses all speaking about how Mary has helped bring them closer to her Son.
It gave me time yo reflect on what’s going on in my own family, car woes, a bride struggling through a difficult pregnancy, and stress about upcoming trip. It makes weight loss seem trivial. At least that was my first thought. But then I remembered why I started this journey in the first place, my addiction to food and wanting to be healthier so that I can be more attentive to my family.
We can bring ALL our problems, struggles and crosses to Jesus, as often as we want. He won’t get tired of listening and answering.

So I ate okay today, protein shake for breakfast, good snacks all day, the meat and veggies off a great flat bread sandwich, and breakfast for supper! I could have drank more water, and I could have had one less pancake, but I stood all day too, so I justified it.

Another week is approaching where I will be traveling, and hoping I can stand firm. Maybe I should say praying to stand firm, because I know I can do this with Jesus’ and my friends and families help. Thanks Mama Mary for cradling me today and bringing me closer to your Son.

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