Day 22

I don’t know what changed today as opposed to the last couple weeks but today was crazy in terms of cravings.

Every time I left the house today I wanted to stop and get something to eat. I didn’t necessarily want to eat bad foods or fast foods, I just wanted to eat.

Even as I type this I am wondering what I can snack on. I know my calorie count is way down for the day, almost 800, so some popcorn or sunflower seeds would be fine, but I don’t want to start a precedence of eating or snacking after 8pm.

Maybe it’s the added exercise now too, that I am burning more and more, soy appetite is strong. I guess it’s just one more thing to offer up. So today’s and tomorrow’s “suffering” will be for our friends the Scott’s and for this weekends Marian Conference that I am attending.

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