Halifax, Pete’s Froutique!

IMG00579-20130503-1200Up at 5am, shower, bring the black bin and several bags of additional garbage to the street, got my morning smoothie, and hit the road with my bride at 6am.  Jen had her ultrasound for our beautiful baby girl at the IWK today, a very healthy 22 week old baby is growing up (18 weeks …or more likely 19 weeks to go until we get to see and hold our new baby…God is good indeed).

After our successful visit to the IWK, Jen and I went to Pete’s Fruitique (off Sring Garden Road in Halifax).  For lunch, I believe I had the best salad ever.  Baby lettuce, red oninion, chic peas, peppers, goat’s cheese, tomatoes.  The 2 best parts were:  LAMB (very tasty) and lemon Juice.  I think Lemon juice will be my new favourite dressing with a salad.  If you haven’t been to the salad bar at Pete’s Fuitique yet…I highly recommend it (very busy, fast passed colourful and fun environment…really a grocery store with a small cafeteria style deli) and the food was awesome.  I ate in in 2 sittings (a very large salad).  I had coconut water to drink, which was also tasty.

Jen packed some snacks for the driving….and I picked up a new book at Chapters I am looking forward to sinking my teeth into, it deals with eating and the psycology of why we crave what we shouldn’t be eating.  I’ll report more back when I get into it further.

We are back home now (thanks mom for spending the day with the kiddos) and planning some fun activities for the kiddos this weekend (having some of their friends over tomorrow night).

off to help put a few kiddos to bed.


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One Response to Halifax, Pete’s Froutique!

  1. brenda pitre says:

    love you son.. i didn’t do good this week and i can see another few days , plan to be more with what i should eat on wednedsay , some crazy get togethers, abut hope not to cheat too much….mom Date: Fri, 3 May 2013 23:04:54 +0000 To: pitrefamily@hotmail.com

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