3 more pounds

Day 21

Today was weigh in day. I was concerned that I might have gained, just because of the slowdown when traveling and trying to get back into the swing of things. But 3 lbs down today was alright. That puts me at 261.5lbs. My goal for Tuesday (me and the family are heading to Ottawa for a while so missing Thursday weigh in), is to lose 5lbs.

Today was brutal. I was up early and could barely walk. The INSANITY work out from the day before had my calves burning all day. I was not looking forward to going back to do it again today, but 5 min in and I was loosened up again. But as I type this blog, I lay on the couch with my calves in utter pain. But pain equals muscles…right?

Feels great to be heading in the right direction again. Today I offered up the pain for my friends in much greater pain than I and for my sick, sick, pregnant bride.


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