STEAK, my Favourite!

IMG00574-20130501-1911First day of the month is usually very busy, I own and/or manage several hundred apartment units and today was rent day and we had a few turn overs. I managed regardless to eat some corn beef and cabbage with my buddy Kelvin McQuaid at the Inn on the Hill (I had some yogurt for desert and skipped the roll…lot’s of water).

My 2 oldest and boldest had tickets to see Toby Mac live in Moncton…our good friend’s the “Chevaries” from Stratford were taking over a van load, including Mary Theresa and Dave (Thanks Gwen!). Our sweet heart daughter (Hannah, age 5) is spending the night at her grand parents (her first sleep over without mom and dad)…I think she was the more excited than our 2 oldest with her evening event.

Our remaining 3 (Stephen, Joseph and Martin) were looking for something “Special” to do since 3 of their siblings were having a special night out, so Jen and I took them to Boston Pizza.  So, What to eat….STEAK.  I love the healthy eating menu options at shows the calories and the nutritional info…excellent and easy to decide.  I had over a litre of water and lot’s of veggies (I cut my 7oz medium rare steak up into bite size pieces and mixed it into the salad/veggies and added some mustard and a touch of steak sauce)….it was very yummy and satisfying (I did however stole a few French fries from my son Joe…thanks buddy).

So, if I can get up early enough, it’s racquetball at 7am tomorrow, and our 3 week “weigh in” at 3pm at Brady’s.  I didn’t do as well as I had, really don’t know what to expect (but, I’lI honestly report it for all to see tomorrow evening).

Watching some “mickey mouse” with Martin…time to go.


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