Day 19

Today was an awesome day. I sit here typing this with a very sore body. I just wrapped up my first “INSANITY” session. 41 minutes of hardcore cardio. I think I want to puke, but it’s a good puke.

My eating habits were a little back to normal today too. Good breakfast and lunch, pizza for supper. But pizza in moderation is GOOD!

I have been offering up the water drinking today for Jay and for a sick friend. Again, when temptations come, offering up that temptation seems to be working.

I must say that I am almost 3 weeks without a coke and no more headaches and constant cravings. I certainly try to avoid being in the same room as the stuff but so far, so good.

Very much looking forward to Thursday next week when we find out that Jason is treating me to STAR TREK movie 🙂


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