Feelin’ a little Dry

Day 18

I should be getting back into the routine by now of drinking lots of water, going to the washroom every hour and regularly snacking, I should.  I don’t know why it has been slow to happen.  I have been drinking maybe 2 liters today, but still not a lot of washroom breaks.  I used to think it was like flushing out my systme of all the junk, but now I’m not flushing but for a few times a day.  maybe my body is starting to regulate itself, who knows.  I’m not a doctor Jim!!

So my eating has been okay, I am not really cheating with anything.  I got sick of sandwiches while travelling in Washington, so I have been slow to want to pick up a half sandwich for lunch and again for a snack.  I have been using Rye bread this week for a change from Pumpernickle.  I saw a number of girls using gluten free bread on our trip and have come to the realization that I am not going down that route.

We are in our third week now if history will tell us anything, it will be now that  we will hit the crunch, the do or die attitude.  I am determined to do, not die this time.  the blog is great because I don’t want to let you guys down.  i know some of you are reading and starting to follow along.  That is great and i would love to hear your successes and failures.  Drop us a reply.

I am again, anxiously awaiting payday to pick up some yummy chicken and fresh produce.  I know my small meals shouldn’t all be starchy, so I need fruit and maybe even some of the leafy stuff.



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