Fast food withdrawal.


So, when you are an addict of fast food, I guess it can be expected to have withdrawal symptons.  I fell into the trap of late evening drive thru eating 2x this past week.  I lamented to my good friend Brady today, who was an encouragement to keep pressing on.  So, today was a good day, good eating (see Orange Ginger Chicken made by my wife with Minnesota Wild rice  I ate for dinner this evening, left over from last night). I’m planning on a nibble of dark chocolate this evening and to bed at a reasonable time to avoid late night eating temptations.

Brady and I are scheduled to play racquetball at 7am Thursday….if you want to observe some chubby dudes running around an enclosed space beating a small ball to death…feel free to visit the UPEI Cari Centre.  Who knows, a youtube video could be posted with the “winning rally”.


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2 Responses to Fast food withdrawal.

  1. Anne Marie says:

    Stick with it. you’re doing great!

    • art sherren says:

      moderation is the key,relapsing with take out will bring ya down grateful for the support…..and good luck.

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