Another Sunday Bonanza

Day 17
I know, I said yesterday was day 17, but I messed up my math.

So I was in the grocery store this morning buying yummy baked goods for my bride and chillins. A lovely couple, whom have been my friends for about 20 years, (and happen to be Jays in-laws), saw me and made sure I wasn’t going to eat them myself. It has been so awesome to have encouragement and accountability from good friends. And thanks for reading our blog everyone, the more people to tell me not to eat poorly the better.

We were celebrating Jodi’s birthday at my sisters house tonight and it was potluck. The food was awesome: I made a bacon, honey mustard crusted roast chicken (sounds really endulgent but I found the recipe on a new app called emeals. So it was a “clean living” recipe and it was great. I also roasted off some root vegetables and cauliflower…AWESOME!! There was also ham, veggies, perogies, and lots of desserts. My mom made a low fat dessert with angel food cake, berries and some low fat whipped cream. I was really looking forward to eat, but it was gone before I had a chance to try it.
So new dedications this week. I hope to increase the weight loss with some good exercise. Jason and I hope to finally get a squash game in, and because of seeing our results and dedication, my good buddy Nelson and I are going to attempt (make that DO) insanity. This is a cardio workout. We may not be able to do exactly what’s on the video yet, but we will get there. Sweat and better eating..I’ll be in a speedo again in no time. 🙂

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