Just keep walking!!

Day 12

Today I got to listen to my beautiful daughter, Bella, sing at the cathedral in Washington. It was great and wonderful to finally go to Mass this week.
The abdomen pain was duller today but still very present. It made for wanting to drink water much harder, but I still got about 2 liters in. Snacking and eating went great, I packed my backpack with apples and granola bars.
Today we also walked around downtown Washington and visited a number of the Smithsonians. Lots of waking today so the calories that I did eat were almost walked off.
Tomorrow we will be going to a fast food joint for lunch. So first time having to make good choices at a Micky D’s, please pray for perseverance.
Oh yeah, today we had fried chicken served to us and I even picked off the best part…yummy, yummy fried chicken skin !! I’m a good boy
Happy Birthday to my beautiful bride love you!

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