Family get together and Eating…Eating, and Eating

ImageEvery April, we celebrate several birthdays …3 of my boys have the honour of celebrating another spin around the sun (Stephen turned 11, Joseph 9 and Martin 3) and my mother in law, Anne Marie (number of spins around the sun will not be divulged, …could get in trouble!) So, this Sunday we had the whole family over for BBQ and salads.  My meal was skinless/boneless Chicken Breast on the BBQ, and few hot dogs (no bun) w/ mustard and the Quino salad w/ Avocado.  It was satisfying.   (Have a look at the cake my 14 (almost 15) year old daughter made for her grandmother’s birthday….a triple layer cake with an edible/fondant home made flower….very impressive (I did nibble a few bits…but resisted a piece today).

Monday was back to work and back to water, water and more water.  For Lunch, I ate at Handan’s Café where the lovely ladies made their fantastic Greek salad and chicken on the side. I didn’t even need the dressing, tasted great and was satisfied.

Our hen’s at home are laying almost a dozen eggs daily…I’m planning on scrambling up a few for a snack.  I’ll take a pic of our little flock of hens soon….

I need to get on an exercise routine soon… hoping to get up a little early tomorrow and try out the treadmill…I think I can find my sneakers?!

Prayed for Brady this evening during our family prayer time, I asked our Lord to grant him  strength to not be to hard on himself when I sprint in the lead this week with superior weight loss results…. Love ya’ bro!






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