Another Tough Sunday



Day 10

I’m sitting here nibbling on lovely cheese, gluten free crisps, grapes, strawberries. The picture says it all, I’m also having a bit o red wine, because my host mom LOVES wine and really wanted to share her love with us. So my calorie count was very low today and I obliged her. It was delicious !

We travelled a lot today, sang in three different churches, and shopped for about 4 hours. I spoke of my “love” of shopping yesterday. So really, I stayed outside, avoided the awesome food court, drank water and got sunburned, all in all a good day.

It was very hard to regulate my meals today though. A lovely breakfast of homemade oats and fruit with a half a bagel and tea (no cream or sugar). Lunch was catered at the church as a buffet, lots of desserts and sweets but I stuck to a ham sandwich and a wee tad of homemade Mac n cheese. I didn’t get my morning or afternoon snacks in, but really enjoyed my evening snack, ( oh yeah, dinner was lasagna and salad, small portion)

I have still managed to avoid fast food which is great, but need to really work on getting my snacks in.

Day 3 down, 5 to go until home babe

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