Salad tip of the day…add some mustard!

ImageDinner last night @ Smitty’s with my wonderful bride (followed by a few hours of errands/grocery shopping….the romance after almost 16 years of marriage is still strong (and practical). So, back to my dinner. I ordered an 8 oz steak medium rare (few restaurant line prep cooks can cook a steak medium rare, and Smitty’s is guilty of this plague as well….more like a medium is the restaurant preference (no matter how you order it) , which is over cooked for me. I decided to get the steak sandwich (minus the bread) since it is EXACTLY the same steak as the steak for $15.99 as the steak on the dinner menu for $17.99 (I`m not naturally thrifty…but my wife is making a convert of me). For my sides, I had mixed steamed veggies and a tossed salad. 

The “EUREKA` moment happened with my tossed salad.  Unless the salad is full of almonds, cranberries and “sugar filled`dressing, I really am not a fan of salads.  BUT, I do like mustard.  So, I tried some mustard on my salad last night.  REALLY GOOD!  it doesn`t seem like a combination that will work, but boy was I wrong.  Bring on the salad and mustard (BTw) Mustard has zero calories, zero fat, low sodium.

This evening, we are BBQ skinless and boneless chicken breasts (on sale as a bogo at sobeys this weekend) with several salads including Jen`s new quinoa and avocado salad…very tasty.


One day at a time, I`m far from perfect, but interested and learning.


Seize the day.




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3 Responses to Salad tip of the day…add some mustard!

  1. Rick says:

    You go man….awesome stuff!!! Sending mental support all the way from Calgary and Phoenix, hope you can feel it coming at ya!!! -RB

  2. Everyone tho is I am weird for putting mustard on my salad. I started doing it after I stopped having bread as much as possible. I put turkey and swiss on my salad at subway, and I thought if it was a sub, I’d put mustard on it. It was awesome. However, I don’t think mustard is 0 calories. One spicy brown in my fridge says 5 calories. Another brand I have says 0, but it says it has 1 gram of carbs, so it should be 4 calories. That is for 1 tsp of mustard. Who uses that little mustard? And on a salad, I need a lot more mustard. I end up putting almost 2 Tbsp. that would be between 24 and 40 cal.

    I hit my goal weight, btw. I lost 80 lbs

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