Trippin on Temptation!


Day 8

So I am on day 1 of a week long trip with girls all hopped up on coke and sugary snacks. The picture above is one of my greatest temptations while traveling but I stood firm! I even found Twinkies, which I thought were extinct but alas they are not.

Today was tough, no doubt about it. I started the day early, 5:30, with a smoothie, which was a great mistake. The acid sat in my belly for a few hours and brought on some pretty wicked car sickness, but I made it through that too.

I had to eat my fruit before I hit the border, crazy Americans, so I was left with rice crisps and granola bars. Also my water intake was only about 1 1/2 liters. But no pop. That is the biggest victory of all (well, that and avoiding going into THE best burger joint around, Five Guys..mmmm)

So I know it’s going to be tough, but I’m offering it up for my sick bride and home and a household full of helpful children. Love you guys and miss you!!
Pax, Brady

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