Day 7
Today was the day. Somedays I looked forward to it, others, not so much. But it went great. Weigh in day with Jay! So the results are in; after one week, we both lost 7lbs. Not bad with literally no exercise !!

It is good to be rewarded after trying so hard to be good. But now the challenge is to keep it up.

This was the first time in more years than I can remember that I have not been to a fast food joint or drank a coke . Crazy, and I actually feel good.

I took a picture on day 1 and another today. I asked my bride to look at it and see if there were any differences. She mentioned a few that I didn’t see but we both noticed that the moobs were much smaller. (If you don’t know what a moobs is, you are better off)

But now a new week is upon us, and already I am faced with some new challenges. I literally just found out that I am taking my brides place as chaperone to a trip to Washington tomorrow and will be gone a week. So the challenge (like getting this through to my head and let it sink in) is to find ways to still eat 6 small meals while traveling on a bus with 45 young girls!! Ahhhhh. Please pray for perseverance and good habits. And for Jodi who has been feeling miserable lately. I will pray for you too.
Pax, Brady

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One Response to Woohoo!

  1. Leanne says:

    So proud of you!!! Have a great trip with the girls, and we will see you in a week. Keep up the good work! Love ya

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