So much water….

Day 4
Drinking water has become a game with me now. If I drink 3+ liters of water, how often will I go to the washroom? Ridiculous!!!!
Today was a great day. I had lots of energy, I got lots done at work and was able to focus too.
I am looking for variety now, I can’t eat another turkey sandwich on pumpernickel for a long time, and although Jello is a favorite thing of mine, I need another go to snack!
It is great to already have so much support out there from friends, thanks so much. Even my bride who is going through some crazy morning sickness, has been a great support, listening me talk about calories, and how much pool memberships will cost, all with a smile and an encouraging word.
Prayer was even good today, and from the suggestion of a friend, everytime I want to reach out and take the egg roll out of my wife’s hand, just offer it up. So I have a few things that need prayer and my “suffering” goes there instead. Thanks Debbie!!
Pax, Brady


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