Long day

So today isn’t really that unusual.  During the week, I usually pull in a few long work days. This morning I was on the road by 8am, and arrived home at 9:30pm (typical life of a small business owner/entrepreneur). A basic eating run down includes a good fruit smoothie (mixed frozen berries, ice, plain yogurt, milk, protein powder) for breakfeast. I dropped into my favourite café, Handan’s Café (my tenant’s in my building at 88 Kent St) for a black Americano/Coffee (thanks Hurol and Handan for your support on my weight loss goals). I had a few glasses of Water this AM.  My uncle was in town today, and I promised to take him out for lunch (wherever he wanted). He choose an ALL YOU CAN EAT CHINESSE RESTAURANT!  Baby, that is my fantasy. He had the ribs, sweet/sour chicken balls, and I had the mixed veggie/noodles, lot’ lot’s of brocolie.  Although not event remotely close to what I would normally eat, it was enjoyable to see him enjoy the eating so much that I ended up enjoying myself as well.

My afternoon was rushed, I didn’t snack and didn’t have dinner until almost 10 this evening.  Driving home, it was like my instincts were taking over me to pull into the McDonald’s, A&W, Wendy’s drive thru for a quick burger/fries…but I called my loving wife and chatted with her on my hands free while I drove to survive the temptation. At home, I had a banana and left over Chicken “bubble” and a few glasses of water. 


I’m looking forward to beating my old pal Brady at this Thursday’s weigh in.  Gonna’ stop in at Sobey’s tomorrow on the way into work to pick up some healthy snacks (fruit mostly) to put on a bowl on my desk..it will both serve as something beautiful to look at, and to eat!


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5 Responses to Long day

  1. Linda says:

    Way to go, Jason! Coconut water is one of my new go-to’s for smoothies – only 45 calories per cup, and good for you. Here’s one of my faves: 1 cup coconut water, 1/2 cup plain yogurt, 1 frozen banana, 1/2 cup frozen pineapple, 2 cups fresh spinach and protein powder.

    • Jason Pitre says:

      Coconut Water sounds very interesting…never heard of someone actually drinking coconut water…I’ll have to research why..

      • Linda says:

        It’s the new Gatorade – great thirst quencher – but pricey… I’ve been getting it on sale – PC brand at Superstore – in the juice aisle. Good source of vitamins, magnesium especially.

  2. Handan & Hurol says:

    Hi Jason, we absolutely believe you will reach your goal in your weight loss process. Never give it up. Bye bye to “Mediterranean ground beef pasta” welcome to “Greek salad” from Handan’s Cafe 🙂 — Handan & Hurol

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