A Sunday with my Family(and how I eat)

A typical Sunday. Life begins with my wife telling me, “we have to get up…we need to get the 6 kids and ourselves into the van in 30 minutes to be on time for Church”.  I get up, get the kiddos moving, start some breakfasts for the kids, give the older kids some instructions to help the younger kids, then hit the shower.  10 minutes later, I’m deciding what I should eat.  Sunday’s I usually have breakfast with my 3 year old son (Martin) at Beanz Café while my wife and kids attend the Catechetical program at St. Duntan’s (our Church). So, I have a banana and glass of water before leaving. After a I tie a few shoe laces on sunday shoes (for my kids) and wipe some hands and faces, my wife, Kids and I hit the road.

When having breakfeast at Beanz with my 3 year old, I usually have “the beanz breakfeast sandwich” …which is typcical (English muffin, egg, tomato, lettuce, mayo), a muffin, orange juice. Today, I ordered a scrambled egg, black coffee (well, I had a small trickle of honey to sweeten it), plain yogurt and several glasses of water.  It wasn’t the same…but it felt good. (BTW, Martin “my 3 year old son” had a peach yogurt, cinnamon roll and an orange juice).

We all attend Mass together at 10:30.  Father Floyd’s homily which was a reflection on the Gospel (Peter, Do you Love me….go feed my sheep…x3) was a great reflection on slightly humorous to me today as Jesus didn’t insist that Peter “feed” himself…but rather “feed” others!…I wonder, did Jesus mean appropriate service amounts, and watch the calories.

I am the maker of the meals on Sundays. For Brunch, I usually make Eggs/Bacon/Hashbrowns/Bagels and OJ. This Sunday was typical, but I ate much smaller portions and skipped the condiments.

Our Family went to the Credit Union Place in Summerside for some swimming and bowling, followed by dinner at Pizza Delight. The family had the all you can eat buffet, and I had the chicken veggie skillet.

I consumed 3 litres of water and feel really good tonight.

My measurements for the record are a 49 inch waste, 57 inch gut and 53 inch chest.  That is a lot of Man to love.

I stoked up on some veggies when purchasing some groceries on Saturday and feel fairly confident entering the new week that I will be somewhat successful.  Thinking of getting an iphone soon and leaving the Blackberry world. If I do, I plan to get the app loseit.com

I am also planning to begin some exercise routine soon, Brady and I have a challenge to play some squash or racketball…who knows, it may catch on.

Going to put the kiddos to bed and spend some time with my wife.


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4 Responses to A Sunday with my Family(and how I eat)

  1. Anne Marie says:

    Good Luck! All the Best in your efforts.

  2. Good Luck Very Proud Of You..Looks Like Your Well Organized…I;m Sure You Can Do It..Auntie Muriel

    • Jason Pitre says:

      Not really that well organized…but trying to do my best and learn what I can. I motivated to learn do better each day.

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