Day 3

So Sunday, my nemesis for sure when it comes to eating.  Unlike Jason, I never eat before we take off for Mass.  It has been something I have been doing for a number of years, even my skinny ones.  I always wanted to be hardcore when it came to fasting.  But yesterday was different.  I realized what not eating breakfast has been doing to me, so I had a bowl of granola with a wee bit of milk and a banana.  Oh yeah, and some more of that fantastic water.

I knew I wasn’t going to get my mid-morning snack in because Mass at the Basilica is at 10:30am and after chatting with friends after Church and comparing notes with Jason, it was 12:30 before we got home, so even crept into my lunchtime before I ate my second meal of the day.  This was tough because we will either invite friends over for brunch and gorge ourselves on yummy brunchy goodness, or we will stop in and get some muffins, cinnamon rolls and donuts.  We did the baked goods (my most favored things of all).  I was a good boy though and had a couple slices of Pumpernickel bread with a tad bit o peanut butter. I know, I know, some of you are saying “Brady!!! that’s all carbs”  I get it, but I am not going for carb free.  I know I would fail miserably if I did, so a few carbs now and then, no white bread, won’t hurt one bit.

Sunday in the Grant house is family day.  We eat supper at my folks house or a siblings.  Last night my sister hosted because it was her husbands birthday (we were celebrating my boy Kolbe’s 12 as well)  So we had a great lasagna with garlic bread (the salad was missing thanks to a forgetful brother who doesn’t care about my well being).  I had made my first cake, red velvet with cream cheese and fluff frosting.  It tasted like a giant Joe Louis, (and yes, you heard me, I tried a piece) 

So I realized that Sundays are going to be hard, and I will accept that.  My calorie count for the day was still under at 1600, my biggest day yet.  This week brings some concrete exercise as well, Squash with Jay, swimming laps, and maybe if I get really motivated, some boxing on the Wii..Burn baby, burn!!


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  1. Leanne says:

    proud of you boys,,, very motivating in fact I bought Steve a bike for his birthday and I downloaded Jason’s recommended app! Thanks!!!! Leanne

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