My 3rd Day, first blog entry

IMG00532-20130413-1229On the evening of April 10/13, I hit a wall.  My daughter and Wife love to a TLC episode, 19 Kids and Counting. A recent episode of this realty TV series depicted the father and oldest son challenging each other to a healthy lifestyle change, and a challenge to loose weight. It hit me like a ton of bricks…I was being lazy and stuck in a rut…I also needed a change!

Loosing weight isn’t a “new” or “first time” event for me.  Like many men who settle into married life and struggle with the stress of life, eating became a habit and an addiction for me. I really like eating. I like good foods, and can be a discriminating eater. That isn’t so much the problem. The problem is that I also like “volume” and “late night” eating. This “habit” has packed on the pounds over the years. Nothing is more satisfying to me that a trip in the MacDonalds Drive Thru for a Big Mac Combo with Coke, followed by a 2nd trip to order and consume the same less than 30 minutes later!

On April 11/13, I began brain storming ideas as to what I was going to do differently this time to really make my weight loss plan work.  I thought I would find a partner in crime who lived a similar life.  My old buddy Brady was the first name that came to me.  I sent him a text…and within a few hours, I was sitting in his kitchen discussing our plans and doing our first “Weight-in”.  313 lbs of love baby. My goal for the first week, loose 10 lbs.  First 6 months, 60 lbs.

The reality is that I really am an beginner, but I have become so frustrated with myself that I feel I need this change for myself, my wife and my children.

Keep following mine and Brady’s rambling’s as we figure this weight loss thing out.


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4 Responses to My 3rd Day, first blog entry

  1. Holly says:

    Go guys go!!!! Prayers your way!

  2. Linda says:

    Way to go Jason – our family will keep you guys in prayer!

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