It’s a new year, time for a Frosty Dip!


OK, so it’s not that unusual for folks to start out a year with good intentions.  Brady and I started out intention of loosing 60 lbs back in 2013…..we didn’t achieve that goal.  I am down around 30 lbs, which is better than being up 30 lbs.  An awesome side benefit of the Challenge Brady and I did  is gaining a redeveloped friendship with my brother Brady.  I have entirely enjoyed our weekly chats, fun moments, and an opportunity to be “real” with someone about the failures and struggles in life.  Brady, thank you for your brotherhood.

Jen (my wife) and I have been chatting about some positive effects of healthy eating at home…I see a renewed effort to continue to improve the healthy eating and lifestyle for our entire family.  It’s my plan to make January a very clean eating month, with the goal of dropping 10lbs before February 1.

My new year’s commitment is to renew a habit I had lost over the past few years.  I am going to start getting up early and consistently early.  I am going to start with 6am (I have been later as of late) for the first week….them work on moving it back to 5:30, maybe eventually 5am.  It’s been my past experience that getting up consistently at this hour allow for the maximum possibility of a successful and purpose lead day.  An opportunity to pray, plan, exercise, organize family work, organize business opportunities…  I’ll report on this progress as I develop it this month.

Looking forward to my 6am wake up call.


ps.  Take a few minutes and watch/click the link below of the video my son David took of the polar bear swim event today (completed by myself and Brady….and our family on hand to cheer us on!)….it’s on his youtube cannel, daveTV



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It’s a New Day!

I stopped counting how many times I’ve apologized for not writing more often, or for how often I have messed up. How many times have I written, “I am recommitting myself”? I’ve lost count. This past month has been a real struggle and I could have easily just thrown in the towel and said, it’s too hard. I thought about it more than once trust me. But I want better for myself. I want better for my brother Jason. I know that God wants better for both of us.
I was listening to music today on my morning walk (I even stopped doing that for the past month) and I paid particular attention to one of my favourite songs by David Crowder, How He Loves. There is one line in particular that stood out to me “I don’t have time to maintain these regrets”
That is what I have been doing this past month is throwing myself a wee pity party. I stopped writing, not only because of laziness, but because I didn’t want everyone to know how poorly I was doing. I’ve been fretting over not reaching my goal.
You might have noticed that we have past the 6 month mark that we set our original goal towards, 60 lbs in 6 months. Call it stress, laziness, overworked, uninterested, whatever, but this month has been the toughest yet, not because of bad habits (although they returned like a tsunami) but because of a lack of motivation. As Jason and I both reluctantly weighed in this week I was struck with something. We haven’t been competing for a while, but just going through the motions. I suggested that we start competing again, that maybe that competitive spirit will invigorate us to really step up and do better. So I lost the weigh in and we went to a movie. (Yeah, Thor 2!) But we both put a new goal to reach. Jason wanted to be at 50 lbs down by New Years Eve, me 40 lbs. If I don’t reach my goal then I will wash, wax, vacuum, completely clean from top to bottom, Jason’s 15 passenger car. If Jason doesn’t reach his goal, he will go to the Polar Bear Swim with me on January 1st. I think that sounds pretty good.
These new goals reflect our past attempts and when we were on track and doing well. These goals should be attainable if we stick to it.
So we say goodbye to the 6 month mark and hello to the new 6 week mark. Maybe setting smaller goals more frequently will work out better. But the good news is that w are both still down substantially from when we started this journey in the first place, and we have tools now that we didn’t have before that will help us maintain weight instead of gaining. We just need to be perseverant and strong.
One more song to leave you with that struck me today, it is by the band Rend Collective and the song is called Alabaster. The reason it struck me today in particular is that I have again been relying on my own strength, my own pride, to try to become a better man. I should know by now that I can do nothing without the grace of God and I need to fall at His feet often to praise Him and thank Him.

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Monotony and Food

I’m in Toronto right now, actually I am presently attending a conference that can only be described monotonous. That’s the way some of these business meetings go. When I am bored my mind typically goes to food, so I thought if I wrote now, while at this meeting, I could focus again.
I’ve had some ups and downs again this week. When Jay and I weighed in I was down 1 lb. again I think I should have been up. I didn’t drink water like I said I would, but I didn’t eat after 8 ( well except for the times I did). But I did pray for my brother Jay everyday (secretly that he was doing as bad as I. Haha, I kid ) when I travel it’s easy for me to eat well, and by that I mean, some really yummy food. This trip to TO has been no different. I’ve managed to have fries twice (once in poutine form..mmm) and I had a coke (although I tried very hard to get something else it was all that was available ) I haven’t eaten any dessert so that’s a good thing and I have drank lots of water. That combined with whatever stress does to my body because of flying and I am off to a good start this week.

I am looking forward to the next few months. My travel schedule will be lighter so I can really rededicate myself and efforts. (Baby Moira might bring some new challenges but I am very much looking forward to those challenges)

So I’m flying again tomorrow and offering up that stress for a good friends intentions. If anyone has a spare moment I’d appreciate any prayers you could send my way!


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Can you be Accountable in Secret?

BUGTIMEI know, I know, it’s been an awfully long time since my last post. I am grateful that Jason posteed yesterday. I have been wanting to make this post for a few days but let life get in the way of it.
The past month has been a real struggle. Ever since getting ready for my trip to Ottawa a few weeks ago I just started to shut down a little. You all know my fear of flying and my attempts at overcoming that fear. This past trip I went drug free so that I could experience the flight. What I’ve come to realize over the past little while is that I am not afraid of flying, I’m just afradi of the stress and uncomfortability that comes with flying. (That might not make sense to some, but perfect sense to me, hehe)
Anyway, the stress of travelling “helped” me throw caution into the wind, especially where my eating is concerned. I fell back into old trpas that I haven’t done in quite a while. I found myself making a few trips to Timmies for a donut, or McD’s for a burger. The immediate guilt was justified by myself as a need to help calm my nerves. But then the habit stayed after I got home and continued for another 2 weeks.
It was not suprising when last weeks weign in came, and I was feeling sick (but not so sick that I couldn’t stand on a scale). I called Jason and said I wouldn’t be able to make weign in. This week was better, I didn’t eat out and I started to drink a little more water again. But I have still been snacking poorly and making other poor choices. When weigh in came this week, I was VERY tempted to just not call Jason and hope that he forgot, but then I realized, we are in this together. We have both made some mistakes. If I don’t weigh in I am going to set a presidence and then i am going to go down that road again. So we weighed in. I was up another 2 lbs. Thank our Heavenly Father it was only 2 lbs, it should have been much worse.
This is the reason for the title this week; we can’t be accountable to one another if we are not talking to one another. This was the reason for the blog too, and you can see how often I have been blogging since my downward spiral.
I can’t, CAN”T, do this alone. I need people to ask me what’s up? How’s it going? Have you walked today? Did you drink water today? Why are you shoving that twinkie down your throat? I need the accountability or I will fall on my own.
Funny, its the same way with my relationship with our Lord. If left to my own devices I would probably not pray each day, I would probably allow my relationship with Jesus to become lukewarm, not for sure, but possibly. I know It’s good to have someone ask me how my prayer life is going, have I made it to confession lately? That is the beauty of marriage. My bride KNOWS when i haven’t been praying or when I NEED to go to confession. She can see it in the way I behave towards her and our children. I am blest to have her in my life.
So I have recommitted (seems like I “recommit” alot, but that is like confession too, constantly admitting I have failed somehow, and committing myself to not doing it again). anyway, back to recommittment, I have recommitted myself to drinking about 3 litres of water a day, to not eating after 8 and to pray for my brother Jason. These two simple “diet” goals and one very substantial spiritual goal will help me be accoutnable for another week. Then I can look at loftier goals again.
Before I sign off, one more thought. Fr. Floyd spoke in his homily yesterday about the gift of gratefulness. I tell my kids all the time to be grateful for things. How often do I listen to my own advice? So this week, I encourage each of you to seek out something daily that you are truly grateful for, and let God know that you are grateful for it. For me, I am always grateful for my family and friends but I will try to be grateful for the assumed things more. Yesterday I was blest and beyong grateful for taking a trip win a 1973 Volkswagen Beetle with my boy Patrick. Although it was a short trip, it will definitely be on my life’s highlight reel.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
PAx et bonum,

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My boys, so proud of them

photo (7)

This past Thursday evening, my boys had their 137 Chickens brought to their planned fate, and packaged for their anxious customers (see photo of the chickens in the back of my truck on ice…ready for deliveries).  There were smelly days of feeding and caring for so many chickens, but these young boys/men of mine stuck to their plan and raised many chickens for sale.  A big thank you to my parents (Buddy and Brenda…and Ilma) along with my In-Law’s (Ken and Anne Marie) who assisted us in delivering all these chickens to are numerous customers.  Also, a sincere thank you to all our customers for purchasing the chickens from my boys.

David, Stephen and Joe are now anxiously waiting for our “accounting” evening where we will calculate “profit” and where we will divide the profit.  As you can imagine, the have some plans to purchase a desired item or 2…but generally, they are going to follow my advice as follows:  1. 10% for God, act of Charity.  2. 50% for investment/savings until next business opportunity arises. 3. 35% for a “Special” purchase. 4. 5% for “spending” cash.

Brady and I have been struggling this past month to stay focused on our weight loss goals.  We discussed this afternoon a few possible goals, and I have decided that I am committed to loosing 25lbs before the end of the year, which would make 60 total. that is 2lbs a week, every week.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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Chillin in Ottawa

I’m really getting lazy with this blogging thing. I have an excuse this week. I’m terrified about flying (well I guess I’m learning to realize that I’m more afraid of how uncomfortable it makes me feel but that’s another story). Typically if I’m flying somewhere I start to shut down about a week beforehand. This past week was no different. I didn’t walk a single day, and that’s something I actually enjoy doing. After losing 7 lbs last week I started to celebrate and never really stopped. So those two things combined brought a 2 lb gain at weigh in. It could have been a lot worse but I’m never happy with a gain.

Now I’m in Ottawa, and when traveling, most of the resolutions I make get ignored, mostly by necessity. So far I’ve eaten supper well past 8pm so no eating after 7 just hasn’t been possible. I did walk for about an hour and a half yesterday so that was helpful. But my days are full with VERY little downtime.
I’m praying that my trip home tomorrow is as uneventful as my trip here and I’m looking forward to being back with my familia!!

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Yes, not eating late does work!!

Yeah, today was weigh in day. I wasn’t really thinking about it like I have in the past, maybe because I knew I was mostly behaving myself this week. Although I did enjoy way to many brownies last night at band practice..mmmm…thanks Theresa Chevarie!!! Yumm.

Anyway, back to the weigh in. I lost 7 lbs this week. YES! Thats my best week since week 1. And it brings me down to 30 total. The best part is that I have finally lost the “Alabama 8” that I put on a few weeks ago.
God is good.

So I’m going to stick with the same routine this week, maybe a bit more exercise, maybe a little less wheat. I am traveling again next week but I’ll only be gone a few days and I’ll count them now as my cheat days!


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